The high quality of service that I provide to my home seller and home buyer clients would best be explained by the testimonials of my recent clients.

If you can take a moment to read the following testimonials, they would provide you with a sense of credibility, integrity and level of experience that I provide to all my clients.

In my lifetime, I have been involved with real estate agents in 18 real estate transactions as a buyer and 11 transactions as a seller. My dealings with Michael Duggan were definitely the best and most positive interactions that I have ever experienced with a real estate agent. He is professional, punctual, organized, and exceptionally helpful. He seemingly always had my best interests in mind. He was able to provide me good advice, but he never told me what I should, or should not, do. He absolutely never pressured me. Very importantly, he answered every real estate question that I posed to him. Before I found Michael I tried to work with another agent. I provided her a list of 8 homes that I wanted to view 14 days in advance. The day before I intended to see these properties, she e-mailed me and made negative comments about every property on my list. Subsequently, I contacted Michael about 1PM on a Tuesday. I told him that I had 8 houses that I wanted to view, and that I was going to be in the area the next day. By 4PM Michael contacted me and 7 of 8 homes scheduled for my viewing. One hour later he informed that he had even gotten the final house scheduled for a viewing. The next day we looked at all 8 houses and were finished by 5PM. I would recommend Michael to anyone that needs a real estate agent without reservations. Not only is he a terrific real estate agent, he also is just an exceptionally nice man.

Mark Goodson

We were out-of-state clients which creates additional needs and a great real estate agent. Michael is patient and low-key which is very nice when unexpected things pop up. His knowledge of the area was critical for us and we thank him for giving us accurate information and researching details so our decisions were based on facts. Buying real estate requires an expert in the field and I highly recommend Michael as that expert partner. Michael also understands that buying real estate is also personal and finding the right fit for your needs requires patience and he will not push you into something just to make the sale! Lastly, when you do find the fit, Michael is there with expert knowledge and great skills in managing all the details that make it to closing. He was terrific in navigating paperwork and scheduling appointments smoothly.

Gayle Wooten

We highly recommend Michael. He was very genuine and made us feel very confident that he had our best interests at heart. Being out of state buyers - his invovlement went way past the transaction. He took the reigns and helped us long-distance through inspections and repairs. He took the time to impart his knowledge of the area to us and help us find our way around. He was an excellent fit for us and when we eventually move we will use him.

The McSherrys

Simply the best experience I have had dealing with real estate. His knowledge of the area is impressive, and he has patience and professionalism. He is willing to take the time to help his clients not only see real estate, but to help them understand potential pitfalls and things they need to watch out for. I would not hesitate to recommend Michael Duggan to any of my friends or family who need a real estate agent.

Chris E.