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Shopping for a Home During the Winter is a Good Idea

Shopping for a Home During the Winter is a Good Idea
in Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Seven Devils, Deep Gap or Ashe County

While December tends to be a busy month for most people, for Realtors, it generally is not. Potential home sellers balk at the idea of showing their homes during the Holidays, so they hold off on listing their home for sale until the holidays have passed. Their reasons are sound; who wants to keep a home in squeaky-clean, showable condition during the holidays? The kids are home, guests are arriving, and your kitchen is a mess due to holiday baking. The list goes on and on. Wintry months generally have less activity, and that is just a fact for most of the country. Closings usually ground to a halt from about mid-December through February and don’t begin to really pick up until closer to April.

However, as a potential home buyer, this time of the year is an ideal time to buy a home. Why? Because as mentioned above, sellers aren't listing their homes at this time of year. Chances are, the homes that are still listed for sale are there because of either no offers or the sellers' rejecting offers hoping for a higher one to come along. A house that sits on the market, especially unoccupied, is a liability in the winter. A seller still must pay to heat the home, albeit at a very low temperature, to ensure that the home does not suffer from lack of heat by way of pipes bursting or other such occurrences. With the cost of home heating still skyrocketing, even with heating their home to a bare minimum can still cost a seller a few hundred dollars a month to heat a home. Even empty, houses still require electrical service and heat, not to mention the possibility of a possible mortgage payment. Not many want to carry the expenses for two homes indefinitely, and especially not over the expensive winter months.

Many buyers, however, do not relish the idea of moving in winter months, particularly those in the High Country and places like Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Seven Devils, or Deep Gap and Ashe County. However, I can say from previous experience, buying a home in the dead of winter can save you a bundle. Sellers are anxious to get a home sold and are more willing to offer concessions or come down in their price just to move their home. One of our clients made an offer for a home around Christmas time and the sellers had already moved to Florida. They had rejected several offers (higher than our buyer’s) in previous months so by the time our client came along, the prospect of carrying the expenses for the long winter months was far less appealing to them. In the end, the home which was originally listed at approximately $305,000 was sold to our client for $282,000. So while the prospect of moving in winter may not appeal to you, do not let that deter you from your home buying search. Knocking several thousand dollars off an asking price equates to a lower monthly mortgage payment and is well worth moving in winter to save money long-term.

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