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Prepare Your House for the Market - The Basics to Get Your House Sold

Prepare Your House for the Market - The Basics to Get Your House Sold
in Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis or Ashe County

You feel it is time to sell your mountain house in Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Seven Devils, Deep Gap or Ashe County. The reason may be that the size of the house doesn’t fit your family’s needs anymore or you want a townhouse or condominium so that you don't have the yard work to worry about. Whatever your reason is, there are things you should do before making that first appointment with Ace Realty.

Get rid of the junk! Anything that you're not using, don't need, or is just trash should go away.

Do you know what I'm talking about? The pieces of paper and the small containers on top of your microwave need to be thrown away or put away. The telephone book under your phone should be in a drawer. How many knick-knacks do you have out on your tables and/or drawers? Only one or two should be on each surface.

Don't know what to do with the junk? If you just can't bring yourself to part with it by throwing it away, there are three alternatives. Have a yard/garage sale. You can always use the money to help with the expenses of moving into your new place of residence. Second, give useable items to charities like Good Will and get the tax credit on your next tax return. Do you have a friend who just loves that shirt you never wear anymore? The third alternative is to rent a storage unit for all these items.

Is your plumbing and electricity working properly? Potential buyers do turn on faucets, flush toilets, and turn on lights to check out these things out.

It would be a good idea to replace all of the washers for all the faucets. They're at all the hardware stores, are cheap, and it's an easy do-it-yourself job. Be sure to check all pipes for leaks. It could be that the threads at the joints are wearing out. This is a little more costly but your house won't sell if you don't take care of this.

Make sure that you have extra light bulbs on hand that are correct for the lighting you have throughout your house. When your real estate agent takes his or her initial walk through your house, be sure to point out where those extra light bulbs are in case there is a night showing.

You should also check for cracks in the foundation. This could mean that your whole house is unstable. If this is not fixed, it will blow the whole deal and you're stuck with the house until you solve this problem.

People don't buy dirty houses. If your house has become a place where you just keep your stuff, change your clothes; grab a quick bite to eat, take a quick shower, and sleep once in awhile, chances are you haven't noticed the filth that has built up.

At the very least, you'll need floor cleaner, wood cleaner, wood polish, window cleaner, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels, cloth rags, a mop, a vacuum cleaner, and sponges. Every surface must be clean and shine. Wood needs depth to shine so be generous with the polish. You should be able to see forever out each window and see your reflection without any lines or smudges in the mirrors. When mopping the floors and vacuuming the carpets, don't miss the corners or under furniture. Also, remember to vacuum fabric-covered furniture. The counters, sinks, tubs, shower stalls, and toilets should glisten. You should repair and paint any walls that have holes, cracks, or are dingy-looking.

Curb appeal is what will get them through the door. What a potential buyer sees when they first drive up may make all the difference in the world.

How does your siding look? Does it need a fresh coat of paint. You might also want to wash it down using your garden hose. Make sure that your lawn is well manicured and be sure to put away all toys and garden equipment. Clean the dirt and dust off any outdoor furniture you have.

These tasks shouldn't take you very long and they will make a difference on how much you get for your house and how quickly it sells.

If you have question about this article or about real estate in either in Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Seven Devils, Deep Gap or Ashe County, please give one of our professional Realtors a call today.

Ace Realty in Blowing Rock can help you with all your Blowing Rock area real estate needs. We can be reached at (828) 295-6165.

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