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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we list our real estate property for sale with you?
You should hire us for the same reasons that dozens of sellers use our services every year. They know that they can count on Ace Realty to obtain the most money, in the shortest amount of time, with the fewest hassles and with very little risk.
Our No Risk/No Obligation Home Marketing system offers advantages that the ordinary agent doesn’t. Every year we assist dozens of people to buy and sell real estate. The average real estate agent conducts around five sales per year. When hiring anyone to execute a task for you, experience should be one of your top prerequisites. Do you think anybody wishes to be the surgeon's first patient?
Let's take a look at one of our program benefits; we let you to cancel the listing at anytime. Most agents do not offer their clients this privilege. You probably ask yourself why do real estate agents need to "lock you up" for six months to one year. Why would they be reluctant to allow you to cancel? Our philosophy is that we would rather work harder to deserve your business every day. We are convinced that we can provide you with high quality service and attention. And if we don't, we are not worthy of your business. It is that easy. See our marketing page for more information on our listing program.

I heard that there are limited service agents who charge less. Why shouldn’t I hire the cheapest agent?
Everybody wants to net as much money as possible when selling. But if you save 1%-2% (which is what a discount agents will save you) on selling fees and then sell your real estate property for 5%-10% less, evidently you haven’t saved anything. A 1% discount doesn’t mean much when you are negotiating the sale of a $400K+ piece of real estate.
Selling real estate is all about getting the maximum amount of exposure. As a matter of fact we can earn you more money on the sale of your property. We have an impressive track record because we are experts at pricing the property correctly and experts at generating the maximum amount of exposure for your property.
Unfortunately, there are many real estate agents who have to have the deal (sometimes more than you do). The least effective negotiator in any transaction is the one who needs the deal the most. We are in the advantageous position of having enough clients that any one transaction won’t make or break us. For that reason, the negotiations are actually about obtaining the most money for your property. Period. If the offer is not reasonable, you can be sure we will let you know.

Why do you sell so many properties?
Due to our widespread marketing campaigns, a large number of sellers and buyers are familiar with our services. Furthermore, our experience, knowledge of the market, attention to details, successful marketing programs, and our competent team all add up to profitable results. Every single field has experts who, through their ambition and enthusiasm, strive to excel.

Why do your listings sell so fast? Do you price them too low?
Absolutely not. We have professional knowledge of the market, so we can ensure we get you the highest price possible. We achieve this by initially conducting a supply/demand analysis in the area for any property we consider marketing. All real estate agents can get their hands on the exact same market information. It is the evaluation and interpretation of that information that matters in marketing your piece of real estate. X-rays have absolutely no meaning until they are evaluated and explained by a proficient doctor. Similarly, identifying market trends affects both the marketing time and the property value. Factors like location, demand, condition, pricing, access, and agent choice all affect the time it will take for a real estate property to sell.

Tell me about your marketing plan.
The exposure your home gets while listed with Ace Realty is top notch. We currently advertise on the internet, in newspapers and home magazines. These important ads create great exposure both to buyers and sellers. Our signage throughout the High Country creates contacts with buyers in all price ranges and areas. Our ads and signs all refer prospects to our website, resulting in additional exposure. Our website allows buyers to view our current properties listings as well as search the entire MLS. Our enhanced presence on ensures maximum property exposure to buyers throughout the US. High quality photography and virtual tours also increase the attention we generate toward our listings. Additionally, we do systematic mass mailing prospecting to potential clients. Another important aspect of our advertising is our
to the agent community. Remember that there are over 800 agents that we want to remind about your property when choosing listings to show to their buyers.

If we list with you, will my property be on the internet?
Absolutely! All of our signage, as well as our print advertisements prominently feature our website. Our ads drive thousands of buyers to view homes and land parcels on our website. Your property will also be featured on, the #1 real estate website in the whole world, as well as,,, and To increase buyer interest and catch their eye immediately we’ve secured enhanced listing positions for all the properties we advertise. Per our listings are clicked on about 20 times more than a regular listing on Also, keep in mind that according to the National Association of Realtors Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, over 87% of home buyers start their search on the internet.

If we list with you, will we be on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
Again, absolutely! Any agent who does not place your property on the Multiple Listing Service is making an enormous mistake. With over 800 agents in the High Country, it is important to exploit other agents’ database of buyers. Also, if you are not listed on the MLS you won’t appear on, the #1 real estate website in the world.

Once I have reviewed your No Risk/No Obligation Listing package, then what?
Contact Ace Realty by
or phone, and we will set up an appointment with you - either face-to-face or over the phone. We will preview your property, go over recent market updates in your area to coach you on current values, and make important recommendations for maximizing your profit and decrease the amount time your property will be on the market.

How long does it take to get my property on the market?
Once we have a signed listing agreement back from you and access to your property, we can have a sign placed and your home or land on the market within 24 hours.

How do you set the price for my piece of real estate?
We will review a comparable market analysis (CMA) of your property, determine supply and demand for your location, and take into consideration your property condition. At that point, we can advise you on the adequate price range.

I'm out of town. Can you handle the transaction for me or will I need to come back to town?
We accomplish all of the transaction details without you needing to be here. We have handled transactions with clients living out-of-state. We only need access to the property and your fax number to get going.

My home needs some repairs. Do you know any service people that can help?
We have many skilled service people whom we have used in the past and willingly recommend to you through our Trusted Professional Database. Just contact us and ask for our Trusted Professional Database.

I don't have any money to fix up my home. Can you still sell it in its current condition?
Absolutely! Just like any home, we will take in consideration its condition, supply/demand in the area, and pricing relative to those important factors.

How long is your listing agreement for?
For ease of paperwork, we typically use a six month to one year period. But remember, unlike with other companies, you are allowed to cancel anytime.

I am currently listed with another agent and want to cancel. Can you get me out of my listing agreement with them?
Unfortunately, if you signed a listing agreement with another company, you are obligated to keep on listing with them. You definitely can approach the broker to deal with your issues and he or she may let you out of your listing contract early. However, our "cancel anytime" policy does not give Ace Realty the authority to terminate other agents’ listing agreements.

What if my plans change and I don't need to sell my property?
You may cancel your listing at anytime.

Will you be representing me or the buyer?
We always represent the seller on any property we market, which means our goal is to get you the most money with the best possible terms. The true question is whether we will be representing the buyer, too. In the event that we have a buyer for your home (which occurs quite frequently due to our effective marketing), this situation would fall under "Dual Agency". In that scenario, unless you have previously notified us in writing otherwise, Ace Realty would represent both you and the buyer.

Will you make a flyer for my house?
Yes. We prepare a high quality, multiple photos, and full color brochure on your home. However, unlike most agents, we do not put flyers outside your home in a box. Statistics show that flyers out front discourage buyers from calling. If we do not directly talk to the buyers, it is almost impossible to sell them your home. We always set the flyers inside the home to highlight the home's unique features, so that buyers visually remember your house.

Will you do a virtual tour of my home?
Yes, beside the high quality photos that we use, we also do a custom virtual tour of all of our listings that we then display on the MLS for agents to see and on our website for buyers to see. This is such a powerful tool that we have actually sold homes just based on this virtual tour.

I just bought land and am now looking for a reputable builder. Can you help me with that?
Absolutely, our Builders page showcases the work of the area’s most talented builders. It includes a brief description of who they are and how they work, a few pictures of their work, as well as a link to their website. Also, as an added service to you, we always have flyers, brochures, and booklet inside our office for you to pick up and review.
Click here to go to our Builders page.

Professional Advice

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