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Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Buying a Home w/ an Open Floor Plan

Advantages vs. Disadvantages of Buying a Mountain Home with an Open Floor Plan in Blowing Rock and Boone NC

   Although it seems that open floor plans have been the trend lately, they may not be for everyone. Carefully weight the pros and cons and find out if an open floor plan is for you. 

   When considering purchasing of real estate or a home in the North Carolina Mountains, either in Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Seven Devils, Deep Gap or Ashe County,  first determine the primary purpose of the home – whether you will be living in it full time or just use it for vacations with friends and family. The activities you gravitate towards while on vacation may be totally different from your daily routine. 

   The major advantages of an open floor plan are:
Open spaces: An open floor plan gives the illusion of wide open spaces and spacious living.
Easier to move furniture: An open floor plan make sit easy for you to move furniture. It also allows you to try different furniture arrangements and configurations.
Easier wheelchair access: An open floor plan doesn’t have any tight hallways and usually has fewer doors. These features permit a person in a wheelchair to navigate effortlessly throughout the home.
Social gatherings: An open floor plan allows all of your guests and family to interact with each other with ease. Parents can socialize with other adults while keeping an eye on their children. Open floor plans are the ultimate tool for memorable parties and Holidays.
Overall, it seems that open floor plans are a good idea for vacation homes. 

   The major disadvantages of an open floor plan are:
Lack of privacy:
Although it may not seem like it during the initial walk-through, homes with open floor plans do not provide much privacy. For example it makes it difficult for someone to do work on a lap top or read a book while the dishwasher is running in the nearby kitchen.
Pets: Like mentioned earlier, open floor plans lack doors and smaller room. Pet owners could find it challenging to confine their pets in a house with an open floor plan
Heating: An open floor plan, especially one with vaulted ceilings and a loft is not an efficient design for conserving heat. Hot air tends to rise and sometimes even creates a cold air vacuum making it challenging to keep a large living space at a warm and cozy temperature. Also separated rooms allow you to set a different temperature in each room.
Overall, floor plans with many smaller rooms may work better for people with a large family and in need of quiet down time. They are also more cost efficient when it comes to heating the house.

   If you have question about this article or about real estate in either in Blowing Rock, Boone, Valle Crucis, Banner Elk, Seven Devils, Deep Gap or Ashe County, please give one of our professional Realtors a call today. 

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